Company History

Sefas was conceived in the early 90’s as a spinoff of the European Ariane space program.

The program provided an incubator for developing a composition platform that provided multi-user collaboration, object-oriented design, and a graphical interface.

Entering the commercial markets in 1991, early Sefas clients included government and telecommunications companies. Soon thereafter Sefas recognized the need to develop tools to enhance legacy applications by adding barcodes and control data for automation of document processing, and to develop systems to manage and orchestrate customer communication processes.

These capabilities were timely and in demand to support improvements in inserting infrastructure, scanning and verification systems and file-based processing.

At the end of the 1990s Sefas acquired the intellectual property for a document automation platform that provided the means to automate document processing and integrate with Sefas market leading composition and post composition technology.

Today the company is considered a leader in Customer Communication Management and Automated Document Factory technology with deployments at many of the largest enterprise sites and service bureaus worldwide.


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