The Foundation of the Enterprise Communication Factory™

When our customers are asked to share what they have deployed with Sefas they typically don’t mention products.
Instead, they talk about an enterprise infrastructure that they rely upon to manage the processing of critical communications.
They talk about applications created from Sefas products that are part of the fabric of their business, tightly integrated with enterprise systems.

They share the success of an enterprise initiative that delivered a game-changing new value proposition or ROI – driven by Sefas solutions.

Product key principles

Our products share a common architecture. We follow a common conceptual design supporting collaboration and accessibility. Our products do not require a “client” and can be accessed from anywhere within the enterprise, or externally through a browser supported by API’s and Web Services.

We incorporate as much universal functionality into the user interface as possible to reduce development effort, and keep things simple through object orientation and the concept of reuse. When development is required our products support familiar development languages to ensure our customers can tap the broadest base of resources.
Our products are known for scalability and performance. From deployments of composition systems for large telecom and service organizations supporting hundreds of users, to supporting the largest production sites in the world generating tens of millions of page content a day, Sefas products have become synonymous with performance.
Our product development is rooted in a business philosophy, that our customers should be able to utilize our products without regard to user location, without concern for input format or type of data, and with unfettered access to leverage data and extend functional capabilities to be able to accomplish any task.

Sefas Open Print Producer
Producer automates, tracks, and audits the many processes that comprise the customer communication life cycle. These processes become transparent with real-time reporting, and are actionable allowing for intervention.

Producer provides a single point of integration with any common enterprise infrastructure, whether physical in the case of a print to mail operation, or digital infrastructure from core systems, to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, notification, archival, and business process management systems.

Whether your documents are printed and mailed, delivered online, or archived in a document repository, Producer helps you to leverage automation to not only control physical production, but to also guide digital production.

Sefas Open Print Designer
The unique capabilities of Designer bring together four key components for simple, effective management of the entire communication design process: composition, interactive composition, document re-engineering and production optimization – in a single, intuitive, interactive and modular user interface.

Designer is a comprehensive solution for companies that want a single solution to help harness and extract the value from legacy applications, and to develop new, value-rich customer communications.

Designer can be applied to transactional or regulated documents (both legacy applications and new), as well as communications delivered through electronic channels to portals, and through email, text messages and mobile applications.

Sefas Partner Products
Sefas understands that our customers often have needs that are complementary to our primary offering.

As we focus on developing best in class core products, like Producer and Designer, we seek out partners who offer software that can be integrated to deliver customer value. Sefas integrates these products to maximize the value for our customers and accelerate time to market for new implementations.

Please see our Partners page for information about solutions that complement the Sefas product set.


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