A world leader in Customer Communications Management


Sefas is a world leader in solutions designed to optimize communications between an enterprise and their customer.


Our clients can be found in healthcare, insurance, financial services, government, and business process outsourcing sectors.

Our suite of technology includes a platform for composing batch communications, generating ad hoc correspondence, and enhancing legacy applications.

We also supply and integrate the infrastructure to manage the production and distribution of these communications with existing enterprise systems.

As a business unit within the Docapost EBS division of La Poste, our charter is to innovate and develop leading edge technology for the generation, enhancement and processing of a broad array of customer communications.

Our headquarters are in Paris, France, home to corporate leadership, research and development and quality assurance operations. Sales, professional services and support operations are managed by local affiliate offices in the USA, France, the UK, and Spain.

Our core business

Our core business is developing software that helps business users more rapidly and effectively design, enhance or interactively author communications and distribute these communications with minimal risk.

We help operations develop automated communications processes, and securely manage communication production and distribution.

We help organizations unlock the valuable data from customer communications to support their business processes, to inform business strategy, and to better serve and retain their customers.

Our focus on partnership

We are committed to relationships with customers based on trust, integrity, and partnership. We value long-term customer engagements and strive to ensure our customers get the maximum return on their investment.

Our commitment to support

Sefas understands the critical nature of customer communications, and the commitments our clients have made to reliably and predictably produce and distribute these communications.

Our support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your communications get to your customers on time.

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