designer document composition & post-composition

What is Designer?

Sefas Designer is a highly flexible document composition and post-composition software that excels in complex transactional documents and marketing communications.

These communications help improve customer experience and are essential to our customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

Self-service extensions of Designer empower business users to create and edit omnichannel customer communications.

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Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Highlights of Designer

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Create Omnichannel Communications

Designer can take inputs of different types from raw files to pre-composed documents, and digital formats like email or SMS to create final outputs in your chosen format, allowing you to utilize your current infrastructure and make a smooth transformation to omnichannel customer communications.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Maximize Resources With High-speed Production

Utilizing Sefas’ unique normalization engine, we are able to consolidate all of your inputs, leading to high-speed production. This helps you process large volumes of communication daily, meet SLAs and maximize your production resources. Designer’s Data Loaders reduce I.T. dependence by quickly mapping data from your data sources to the document composition engine.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Cost Savings with Portability

Sefas Designer enables you to get documents from several siloed systems to consolidate on to one centralized platform that can then output to a variety of print platforms, finishing devices, and production facilities. This results in huge cost savings and significantly increases your ROI.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Easy to Create and Maintain Templates

Our object-oriented architecture empowers designers to be much more efficient in designing and maintaining communication by providing the ability to have design changes reflected across all applicable templates.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Secure Access

Supports roles and permissions-based views throughout the production and delivery processes so the right users can have access to the information they need at the right time.

How it works

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation

Document Composition

Designer’s document composition engine ingests inputs in all commonly used production formats, applies business rules, composes documents and handles the entire communication development cycle from design, through testing to production. Our browser-based GUI allows you to create print and digital communications from the same interface.

Our composition engine is object-oriented, so it gives you the ability to make a change in one part of a document by one team and have it reflected across all applicable templates.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation


Designer’s post-composition engine changes and enhances documents (adding barcodes, modifying inserter marks, moving content, changing logo etc.), giving you greater control over production. Our post-composition engine works with the output of your existing composition systems, so you enhance your customer communications without investing in expensive technology upgrades.


Sefas Designer utilizes a unique normalization engine that converts all pre-composed documents into a single Virtual Page Format (VPF) that combines composition and post-composition to optimize production and distribution. This results in faster processing speeds and enables smart extraction of metadata related to each individual communication so that it can be tracked throughout production and delivery.

Rapid Onboarding Application

Our configurable Rapid Onboarding Application allows you to onboard thousands of print jobs using a single post-composition application, resulting in significant time, money and resource savings.

Designer Composition & Post-Composition | Sefas Innovation


Rendering converts documents from the VPF format into their optimal output formats configured for the specific equipment that will be producing them. Our sophisticated rendering process, with a drag-and-drop visual interface, enables you to integrate output sorting, splitting and merging into the document production process. Rendering allows for automated reprint that saves costs and resources.

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