eAccess Widgets

What is eAccess?

eAccess provides unified access and control of our entire suite of omnichannel customer communication management products to business users and end customers.

eAccess consists of a set of widgets that can be plugged into your existing business or customer portal, increasing the functionality of your portal. Your business users can benefit from eAccess as they can use specific product features without having to be trained on the full software.

Sefas eaccess widgets

Highlights of eAccess

eAccess Widgets | Sefas Innovation

On-demand Communication

Enables creation of on-demand, ad-hoc communication. This lets your business users create communications without impacting the normal operation flow.

eAccess Widgets | Sefas Innovation

Ease-of-Use and Efficiency

eAccess makes it easy and efficient to use Sefas products. It promotes quick decision-making as it allows you to perform critical tasks quickly right from the widget without accessing the full version of the software.

eAccess Widgets | Sefas Innovation

Secure Access

Supports roles and permissions-based views throughout the production and delivery processes so the right users can have access to the information they need at the right time.

eAccess Widgets | Sefas Innovation

Improves Customer Experience

eAccess gives real-time status of customer communications to frontline customer service representatives. This helps them better respond to questions and improve customer experience throughout the customer journey.

eAccess Widgets | Sefas Innovation

Easy to Create and Maintain Templates

Our object-oriented architecture empowers designers to be much more efficient in designing and maintaining communication by providing the ability to have design changes reflected across all applicable templates.

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