The healthcare industry has been striving to improve customer experience as they understand it provides a competitive edge. However, data silos, legacy technology and increased regulations often get in the way of making the necessary changes of making a digital transformation and improving customer experience. Leading healthcare companies rely on Sefas for a complete customer communication lifecycle solution.
Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Create Complex Communications

We create EOBs, EOCs, Enrollment kits, combined health statements, invoices, ID cards, claims-related communication, etc.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Communication-level Tracking

By doing communication-level tracking, we help the important healthcare documents reach their right recipients. This piece-level tracking allows us to pull the document at any point in the production process, saving you significant costs in the process and improving customer experience.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Safety and Trust

Sefas helps you protect PHI (Protected Health Information) so there are no breaches, ensuring customer information is safe and resulting in greater trust, better customer experience and safeguarding you from legal liability.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Time to Market

With our high-speed end-to-end document production process, we help you get new products and services to market faster.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Digital Transformation

Healthcare companies want to transform their CCM from print to digital and meet changing customer expectations. Sefas can help you in this journey with our Omnichannel Customer Communication Management solution.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation


Sefas helps you stay compliant as it is secure and easy to use our software by business users. The browser-based, roles and permissions-controlled nature of our solution gives compliance teams the ability to edit and approve the documents and to have those changes reflected across all relevant documents.

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