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All stakeholders in the healthcare industry today are demanding better communications, optimized engagement, more access, and lower costs. New digital tools are required to make better and faster decisions for the benefit of the patients, healthcare professionals, and the healthcare systems overall. The process of digital health, set in motion by changing customer expectations, has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is reshaping the patient journey, altering how patients interact with healthcare providers, how data is recorded and shared, how decisions are made about treatment plans, and how care is provided over the long term.

Sefas is helping healthcare companies accelerate digital health, centralize access to communications, personalize healthcare experiences, create and distribute complex communications, and facilitate in building interoperability.

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Centralized Access to Patient Communications

Centralized access to patient communications helps a multiparty system of healthcare providers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and technology platforms in the healthcare ecosystem. The Sefas Digital Communication Hub stores and shares communication data seamlessly and securely, eliminates data silos from legacy systems, and enables better patient care. Sefas ensures your PHI is secure so there are no breaches, resulting in greater trust, and better customer experience.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare interoperability is the process of digitally exchanging data between or within health systems, without manually manipulating the data. Interoperability is critical for patient engagement, coordinated care, population health and patient tracking. Sefas integrates and provides access to communications from any application or data source. This is key for achieving healthcare interoperability within and across health systems which in turn is critical to exchange data securely within any delivery setting. A study by Accenture found that healthcare industry data interoperability can result in cost savings of $30 billion.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Omnichannel Communications to Drive Member/Patient Engagement

Sefas is a leader in creating complex healthcare communications such as EOBs, EOCs, Enrollment Kits, ID cards, claims related communications etc. and distributing it via the customer’s preferred method of communication (print, email, sms, mobile apps, etc.). Our streamlined production workflow, communication-level tracking, and widgets for business users―all combine to give you significant cost savings, and improved customer experience.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

Digital Health Acceleration

The healthcare industry has lagged other industries (7% compared to 15%) when it comes to implementing digital strategies. One of the biggest challenges has been the massive amounts of data collected from legacy systems that store, share, and provide access to information differently. Sefas helps healthcare companies overcome these challenges to accelerating digital health. It helps in providing preventative and predictive care, personalizing healthcare experiences, and managing electronic health records.

Industries: Healthcare | Sefas Innovation

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