OKORO digital archive solutions

What is OKORO?

OKORO is a highly secure digital archive that provides access and control to communications and their related metadata. OKORO is a market leader in digital archive solutions as it provides accountability, intelligibility, integrity, traceability and sustainability. It is trusted by over ten million users globally.

Sefas OKORO digital archive

Highlights of OKORO

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation

Stores Omnichannel Communications

OKORO is unique as it stores all forms of customer communication such as print documents, SMS, email, customer call audio recordings, chat transcripts (including inbound customer communications). Moreover, these archived communications can be easily accessed from within your business or customer portals.

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation


OKORO is designed to contain digital vaults, like a bank. This offers multi-tenancy which is particularly useful to our BPO/Service Bureau clients as they can perform virtual and physical segregation of data while archiving communications for different clients.

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation

Auditability & Authenticity

OKORO guarantees the authenticity of the documents in the digital archive as it stores a chain of custody or audit trail accompanying each piece of document. OKORO complies with GDPR and ISO-14641.

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation

Customer Journey Analytics

The data stored in OKORO is a largely untapped goldmine. This data offers a chance for companies to understand and analyze customer behavior throughout the customer journey.

The production data stored in OKORO can also be analyzed for production optimization. It allows you to combine production data with post-production data in a single interface enabling comprehensive customer journey mapping.

How it works

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation
Sefas OKORO can store communications from many different sources such as ERP systems, desktop documents, transactional communications, emails, SMS, and fiscal dematerialization of paper documents. It also stores the metadata and journals associated with the communications.
OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation

OKORO guarantees the authenticity of your archived communication by providing digitally sealed deposit certificates. These certificates consist of a communication hashkey, a digital signature based on a public key and a timestamp.

OKORO Data Archive Solutions | Sefas Innovation

OKORO’s strong security is built like a fortress, with multi-layered security granting access only to specific users through security protocols. All communications stored within OKORO retain their original characteristics and are protected against destruction, and alteration. All access and changes to communications are recorded with a timestamp.

Communications stored within OKORO can be presented to customers through an API that can be easily integrated with your existing business or customer portal.

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