A comprehensive product for companies that want a single platform to harness and extract the value from legacy applications, and to develop new, value-rich customer communications.



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Transform your organization’s document asset base into a powerful customer communication tool and empower users who need to communicate.



  • Browser-based and handles the entire document development cycle from design, through testing to production.
  • Easy to use GUI-driven composition tool and feature-rich in terms of composition capability.
customer document development cycle

Interactive Composition

Automate the production of transactional or regulated documents at the point of need, and ensure personalized content is delivered error-free.


Rapid Response

Validate the input of any document content in real time, and streamline the document production workflow.

Scalable Architecture

Enable on-the-fly generation and presentment of letters, contracts, and documents in an array of output formats (including PDF or AFP).

automate and streamline customer document production

Document Re-Engineering

Modify and enhance production output stream without the need for reprogramming the source application.

  • Return on Investment

    Realize breakthrough returns with Sefas, trim costs, optimize your resources and broaden your service capabilities.

  • Maximize, manage, and monitor

    Achieve operational efficiency and control your production and post composition environment.

control your production and post composition environment

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