Sefas Is CCM Leader 5th Year In A Row

Sefas CCM Leader

ASPIRE, an independent analyst specializing in the “Customer Communications Management” (CCM) and “Customer Experience Management” (CXM) markets, has published the Aspire Leaderboard 2022. This new edition positions Sefas as a Global Leader in CCM for the fifth year in a row.

 What is the ASPIRE CCM Leaderboard? Every year, ASPIRE analyzes the solutions offered by the major CCM solution vendors. 18 vendors were analyzed from a strategic, functional, and technical point of view. The analyst sifts through the functionalities of the different solutions to highlight their strengths and measure their adequacy for the current and future needs of companies to manage customer communications. The results are presented using an interactive tool to identify the major market players according to the sector of activity. 

What are the 2022 trends? The Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry is in transition and converging with the Customer Experience Management (CXM) market. 

SEFAS: A Global Leader As per Aspire, “We like the dedicated focus of Sefas in bringing CX innovations to downstream print production. Sefas’ focus on accelerating onboarding and reducing setup and configuration complexity should be a big help, especially for organizations running complex delivery facilities”. The Aspire Leaderboard 2022 defines several segments through which vendors can be analyzed. We are highlighting two of these segments below:

AnyPrem CCM Software

Sefas CCM Leader

Enterprise Communications Processing Software (ECP)

Aspire Leaderboard 2022

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