Service bureaus

Service bureaus often have internally built document production systems that rely on legacy software and are serviced by internal resources in a manner that makes it difficult to adapt their systems to any changes. Their clients, on the other hand, are making a move to omnichannel communications in response to shifting customer expectations. While the service bureaus recognize the importance of understanding customer journeys and omnichannel customer communications, they are struggling to make this transformation with their current production systems.

Sefas products and solutions mitigate risks, save costs and grow revenue for both service bureaus and their clients.

Industries: Service Bureaus | Sefas Innovation

Risk Mitigation

We help you satisfy both internal and client SLAs. Our commercial software is supported and maintained to industry standards that eliminates the risks associated with home-grown legacy software. Use our software to eliminate manual steps during the production and distribution process and risks associated with human errors.

You are now able to respond quickly to changes and capitalize on new business opportunities. Our centralized system ensures consistency and quality in communications delivered which results in increased customer satisfaction.

Industries: Service Bureaus | Sefas Innovation

Cost Savings

By rapidly onboarding clients, we help you save time and money. One way we do this is by bringing about postal savings by consolidating mail pieces of different jobs to qualify for the best postage rates possible. Additionally, pre-built workflows save you expensive programming time, and faster processing time maximizes the efficiency of printing and finishing resources.

Exception processing enabled by piece level tracking eliminates costly manual intervention, and you’ll get a CSR view into communication delivery. We help you achieve portability by consolidating all types of jobs and rendering them at the time of production for specific facilities and equipment.

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