automated customer communications

Introducing the Enterprise Communication Factory™


The Enterprise Communication Factory encompasses the full range of capabilities required for automated customer communications in a modern business context.

It includes the tools to develop new communications, enhance legacy applications, and automate communication processing.

It integrates with your infrastructure and enterprise systems to support the reporting, status and intervention options you need to react quickly and respond to your customers effectively.


Why we need it

To succeed in a competitive marketplace where customers enjoy many options, companies must maintain an edge in servicing customers to retain their business and attract new customers. Winning new customers is a gamble that all companies take, and it costs a lot to attract them. Ensuring the customers you have stay with you is the key to success.

retain business and attract new customers
Enterprise infrastructure for processing and distributing customer communications

How we got here

Enterprise infrastructure for processing and distributing customer communications was not created overnight. Systems that generate communications have been built over decades, business lines have multiplied, and legacy applications accumulated, while the staff that created them have moved on or retired. Corporate business structures are siloed, with customer communications traversing core systems, print, mail rooms and customer service operations. IT resources are in short supply and focused on critical projects and lack the tools required to execute change. So, then, it is understandable that companies continue to struggle to unlock the value of their customer communications.

A new vision for customer communications

To serve today’s consumer requires an approach that truly harnesses the value of customer communication. We call it the Enterprise Communication Factory™. With an Enterprise Communication Factory customer communications processes generate value, helping improve customer engagement and retention:

  • Customer service can offer more accurate communication status
  • Marketing can add messages helping customers make more informed decisions
  • Data can be extracted and fed to data marts or clearinghouses for new value added services
  • Call centers can be optimally staffed to match communication delivery targets
  • Customers can receive communications through their preferred channel
  • Risk of breaches exposing personally identifiable information is virtually eliminated

These capabilities are all encompassed within the Enterprise Communication Factory™. Taking action is easier than you might think. Implementations are fast, affordable, and provide a powerful return on investment.

harnesses the value of customer communication

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