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  • Urban Lending Solutions

Urban Lending Solutions provides a wide variety of outsourced services to its clients including mortgage fulfillment services, home retention solutions, appraisals and valuation services, title and settlement services, document fulfillment, call center and collection services.

Armand Massie, COO, describes how Sefas helped his company to implement a state of the art document processing center that ensures the protection and privacy of personal information. Armand explains how Sefas has helped Urban with current challenges, as well as anticipating his company’s future needs, and how the two companies have partnered on multiple levels.

  • Epiq_Systems_logo

A leading technology provider within the legal industry, Epiq Systems was looking for an integrated process and production solution that embraced a more streamlined and automated workflow, that took into consideration the design of the document itself.

John Komin, Senior Director of Corporate Services at Epiq Systems, explains how Sefas enabled the company to produce their product faster and generate revenue sooner, improving their client relations.

  • symcor company logo

One of Canada’s leading financial processing services providers, Symcor needed a solution to handle the throughput and sophistication of their environment, as well as integrate with a number of third-party systems.

Meegan Hinds, former SVP and General Manager at Symcor, describes how Sefas enabled new production process functionalities as well as automate a number of tasks which were previously achieved manually.

  • Incepture Print Solutions logo

One of the largest commercial print-to-mail operations in North Florida, Incepture Print Solutions were looking to transition their customers to a more modern and scalable technology platform. Implementing Sefas has allowed the company to move up the time implementation of that process by as much as 50%.

Ted Hagan, Senior Director at Incepture, outlines how Sefas has helped them both improve efficiency and lower costs for all of their clients .

  • pinnacle data systems logo

Providing print, mail and electronic presentment/payment services to utilities, healthcare, insurance and financial services companies, Pinnacle Data Systems were able to consolidate legacy third-party systems into a single, flexible and scalable production solution – powered by Sefas.

Timothy Shanovich, Vice President of IT, describes how having a standardized process allows Pinnacle Data Systems to better compete – and secure – new business by offering prospective clients shortened implementation times.

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